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The info platform has been created by the partners of TEAMWORK project to provide information regarding sexual harassment in the workplace and give a space to the survivors to speak freely about the violence they have encountered.

If you have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, you can anonymously share your story with us. This way you can contribute to raising public awareness on the matter and empower other survivors to talk and act against it.

Whatever you share with us will be collected in an anonymized form. No names of survivors or alleged perpetrators should and will be mentioned. For this reason, you are advised to use 2 alphabet letters of your preference to refer to yourself (i.e., AB) and 2 different alphabet letters to refer to the harasser or other people involved (i.e., RO).

The posts will not be uploaded automatically: after submission, the posts will be checked and edited, if necessary, by the administrators of the webpage in order to make sure that they are compliant with the condition of anonymity as described above and that no hateful or discriminatory speech is used.

If you would like to proceed with a post, you are kindly asked to fill in the “Leave a Comment” field below and then press the “Post Comment” button.
We thank you in advance for deciding to share your experience.

You may download the information sheet regarding the anti SH legislation and competent authorities in Greece, Spain (Catalonia), Italy and Bulgaria here.

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