Results & Outputs

Each partner country has identified the national gaps and needs in terms of prevention and combat against sexual harassment in the workplace, to inform the trainings to the HR professionals and employees.

Read the reports:

National Report – Greece

National Report – Italy

National Report – Spain

National Report – Bulgaria

Summary Report

Employees will have a better knowledge and understanding of their rights and obligations to protect themselves and their colleagues when they identify cases of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Rights Obligations Awareness Curriculum_EN


The online tool will enable the companies to self-assess their readiness in terms of recognition, prevention and protection policies. Companies who successfully complete the self-assessment test will obtain a sexual-harassment-free-sticker. Those with low assessment scores will have access to guidance and suggestions to improve their policies and practices.

The online platform will gather vital information – legal procedures, good practices, support services – for survivors of sexual harassment in the workplace.